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I extend my passion for helping

business owners to group settings, too!  

Read below for upcoming events.​

Please get in touch if you need a tax, accounting, or business speaker for your panel, podcast, classroom, or industry event.  I have experience teaching both lay-folks and accountants, and would love to share my knowledge with your audience. 





Once again, I'm thrilled to be able to support lawyers who are advancing the cause for justice. This time, it's the King County Public Defender's office who has asked me to give their panel a talk on tax topics relevant to their group. In this session, we'll talk through tax deductions available to solo/small business owners, including home office, travel, mileage, and other expenses that overlap with the personal. We'll take a little bit of time to discuss self-employment tax, a fundamental concept for any worker who isn't an employee. We'll touch on entity selection as well. With time available, we'll walk through retirement plan options available to solo and small business owners.

I can't imagine trying to learn to be a yoga instructor during the middle of pandemic, but these students are doing it! Once again, I get to combine two of my favorite things: accounting and yoga! My yoga alma mater Seattle Yoga Arts (where I received my 200-HR yoga teaching certificate) has invited me back to co-teach the business of yoga to this year's crop of students, this time with the amazing Claudette Evans. We'll cover Washington State and Federal taxes, along with planning for taxes, thinking about accounting for your freelance business, pricing, contracting vs employment and more. Coming up on December 5, 2020!

The nice folks at the office of Federal Public Defender - Western District of Washington have invited me to speak to their panel of attorneys about retirement planning in early October 2020. I am honored to be invited to support lawyers who are working hard to make sure everyone gets to exercise their sixth amendment rights to counsel.

We'll talk about retirement plans available to lawyers, not-to-be-missed tax deductions, and maybe throw in some cash-flow planning for businesses that deal with lump-sum payments. Good stuff!

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