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> Responsive business guidance 

> Customized internal reporting

> Top-notch tax services

> Expert accounting leadership

I extend my passion for helping

business owners to group settings, too!  

Read below for upcoming events.​

Please get in touch if you need a tax, accounting, or business speaker for your panel, podcast, classroom, or industry event.  I have experience teaching both lay-folks and accountants, and would love to share my knowledge with your audience. 




Elite Accounting Seattle invited me to present in-house continuing education (CPE) on the tricky world of Partnership Tax law later this month. What does minimum-gain chargeback mean again? Why doesn't basis equal the capital account? We're going to go through those concepts and more in this three-hour intensive on partnership taxes. Thanks for the opportunity, Elite! Weeeee!

Ticket Link

Looking forward to meeting Jenni Gritters and Wudan Wan of the Writer's Co-Op to discuss taxes for their community of self-employed freelancers! We'll talk about self-employment tax, federal income taxes, budgeting for taxes, difference between a 1099 worker and a W2 worker, when to get an accountant to help, should you start an LLC, and more!

Here's the link for tickets.

The Bellevue chapter of the Accounting and Financial Women's Alliance (AFWA) has invited me to their monthly meeting this month to present on optimizing communications with clients. We'll walk through a general approach to communicating with clients, finding a balance between streamlining your back-end and keeping clients happy. We'll touch on how communication and marketing go hand-in-hand. I'll show some software tools to consider and discuss how a small firm might implement them. (No sales or affiliations, just my thoughts!). So excited to share some of my tips & tricks to fellow accountants! Link for dinner meeting registrations

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