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Q:  Sounds like you give advice.  Do you provide deliverables, too?

A.  Yep!  The offerings contain a mix:  advice & guidance, education & training, reports & data,   oh, and tax filings, too.  Take a look at the service offerings page to get an idea of which ones may be of value you.  


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> Responsive business guidance 

> Customized internal reporting

> Top-notch tax services

> Expert accounting leadership

Q. So, you're like an outsourced CFO?

A.  Yes, but with a twist! Many outsourced CFOs don't have tax expertise.  So, you can have your tax pro and your CFO all in one!

Q:  I don't know a balance sheet from a bumble bee, will we be a good match?

A.  No problem!  But - and this is a biggie - to get the most out of our time together, you must be willing to (try to!) learn.  Educating my clients is not only fun for me, but it is oh-so-valuable.  I want you to be empowered -- empowered to know what's going on your business so you can anticipate what's coming down the line and make good decisions.  

Q.  Actually, my team and I are pretty dang familiar with all that accounting jazz.  Are we still a good fit?

A.  Indeed!  Let's start from where you are and blast off from there!  We can talk ratios and nerd out on metrics.  Let's design you an equity compensation plan for the ages.  How's that convertible debt coming along?

Q.  Will you do our company's monthly bookkeeping?

A.  Alas, no.  However, I can work with your bookkeeper or operations manager to get the books in fine form.  I can train your team in best practices specific to your accounting software.  I can help you optimize your accounting processes.  And, for select clients, I can prepare your monthly close.  

Q. Will you prepare our company's federal income tax or Washington B&O tax returns? 

A. Maaaybeeee....  See, I've flipped the traditional tax practice model.  Most tax practices get you in the door with compliance services and then try to up-sell you on the consulting.  But, customized information and guidance is what is valuable and interesting to you, right?  So, let's get that dialed in.  Then, once we've got your tax planning in place, your internal reporting fine-tuned, and your accounting humming along, then your pesky tax return can just come along for the ride.  Or not.  In short, I can prepare your tax return if it makes sense to do so, or I can support you and your third-party tax preparer.

Q.  This stuff is hard!  Can we just offload everything to you?

A.  Running a business is hard, I hear ya.  No matter where you are in your growth cycle, it always feels like there isn't enough time in the day.  I can take some things off your plate for sure, but I consider myself your partner.  Dumping your problems and disappearing into the chaos won't fly for too long.  Successful clients are responsive and pro-active.  

Q. So, what's it like to work with you?

A.  That depends on your needs.  Please see my offerings page for a list of the various services you might chose from.  We can work on a monthly, quarterly, or ad hoc basis. Or, if you're just starting out, please consider my Founder's Program.  Either way, once you reach out to let me know you're interested, we'll connect to discuss your needs.  If we're a good match, we'll establish a schedule and pricing.  I'll provide you with an engagement letter to sign which, among other things, will provide you with a list of items that I'll need from you, and expectations for both of us.

Q. Wait, I meant what its like to work with YOU?

A.  Oh, yeah.  Well, I'm famous for my friendly and clear explanations.  I'm an accountant, which means 'thorough' is my middle name, but I do my best to only give you the information that is important to you.  I love communicating by email so we both have a record, but I'm happy to talk on the phone, do a video chat, or heck, even meet eyeball to eyeball. 


You can read my bio for more info about me.

Q.  Will I get lost in your sea of clients?

A.  No.  I only take on a small number of clients at a time so I can give them the in-depth attention they need.  

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