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> Responsive business guidance 

> Customized internal reporting

> Top-notch tax services

> Expert accounting leadership

Monthly Sevices


for Established Companies

• Controller-for-hire 

Managing the general ledger and preparing the monthly close

• Compliance

Preparation and filing of monthly, quarterly, and annual tax reports

• Internal reporting

KPI dashboard or other reports to optimize your monitoring and decision-making

• Management consulting

Bring a tax and financial voice in to management conversations throughout the month

• Tax consulting  

Pro-active tax planning to keep your business well positioned

• Accounting consulting:

Guidance on best practices for your in-house team

Quarterly Services


for Expanding Companies

• Quarterly Metrics Report

Creation and maintenance of your company’s dashboard of critical numbers that keep you in touch with the pulse of your business.

• Quarterly Management Meetings

Meeting with management team for strategic discussion of key company numbers.

• Quarterly Bookkeeping Review

Help keep your books in good shape and train your staff by reviewing the books, providing feedback and making corrections        optional add on:

on-demand helpdesk throughout the quarter to support your bookkeeping staff

• Quarterly Tax Meeting

Tax projections to reduce surprises.   Guidance for ongoing operations and for specific transactions.    


for Start-up Companies

A series of meetings to work through the following:

  1. Entity selection consulting in coordination with your legal counsel. 

  2. Guidance on Washington state/local licensing and on obtaining a federal id number.

  3. Learn all about your federal, state, county, and city tax obligations (I’ll provide you with a customized chart for your company)

4. Recommendations for accounting software, payroll system, and other apps.

5. Salary & benefits consulting.

6. Retirement plan selection.

7. Demystify the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statements

8. Referrals to other local professionals if needed, such a legal & HR.

Founder's Package


for New & Growing Companies


  • Planning related to income, excise, sales, and payroll taxes at the federal, state, and city level.  

  • Tax research for sticky federal income tax issues. 

  • Tax liaison and audit manager ranging from simple notices to field audits.

  • Guidance during major transactions, investment & financing, stock compensation, exits & mergers, etc.

  • Planning & guidance during drafting or amending of partnership/equity agreements

  • Entity selection and start-up

  • Application of new tax laws


  • Key performance Indicator dashboard 

  • Multi-step profitability analysis 

  • Learn how to read your financial statements including common ratios and important relationships across the pages.

  • Forecasting & projections

  • Strategy check-ins

  • Referrals to other vital professionals (such as HR, legal, bookkeeping, and payroll)


  • QuickBooks and general accounting training for your in-house staff.

  • Accounting systems assessment for improved data capturing and optimal workflow.

  • Implementation of new accounting systems & software

  • Creation of spreadsheets or other tools external to your accounting software package to fill in gaps.

  • Special projects such as file clean-up, conversion to QuickBooks, chart-of-accounts overhaul, integration with other apps, and so on.

A La Carte Sevices
Curious about which services might be right for your company? 
Please reach out through the contact page to set up a phone or video chat. 
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